Friday, April 4, 2008

Eulogy in remembrance of Maxime Myrtil

For Maxime Myrtil ... I Love You

When I decided to write this eulogy speech in remembrance to my late beloved brother, Maxime Myrtil, I was filled with so many mixed emotions. I was frightened that I would have to be the actual person to reflect on such a rebellious, innovative, witty, comical person. But I was also frightened of having to relish in the thought of his unfortunate tragedy. I wasn't and am still not yet healed from the emotional scars that this blow has left us with. I was scared of having to deal with a pain that tears alone, could never interpret or express. But I thought, and I thought ... and I thought about it ... more and more ... more....... and I realized so many aspects in which this present state can be looked upon.

With the conclusion of this tragedy, we are left with certain choices. We can either drown in the sorrow of the unfortunate occurrence or indulge ourselves in the beauty of such a vibrant life. A life that only showed happiness, persistence of happiness, and reason for happiness... the reason for happiness ..... the reason for happiness ... look around you ... we are the reason for his pursuit and grasping of happiness. Without the influence of each and everyone of us in this room, he would not be sculptured into the strong memorial in which we are paying tribute to today. We've all taken part in the assembling of the puzzle pieces that make Maxime' memory what it is today. Weather it was a quick conversation, a little exchange of a joke, advice, or a simple hug, we've influenced his development to his last day. Just as we've influenced him in his perception and memory, he has also marked our lives with uniqueness all the same. I'm sure that we can think of many reflective periods in which Maxime stepped into our lives with an influential thought, laugh, idea, or hug. Even times when he'd make a really, really, funny joke in front o everybody and make everyone laugh ... even though the joke was about you ... you still laughed just as hard. That single reflective period is enough to stay burned into one's memory. It remains as something to look back on as a reminiscent, a blissful educator.

My reflective period of the life of Maxime was quenched when I came to realization that he had satisfied every expectation for me as a brother, a guardian, a friend, and a mentor. You know that he's accomplished something when someone of my taste looks up to him. And indeed I did look up to him. When I didn't reach my full potential in school or anything, he was the right voice that held the job of being my subconscious push to strive toward my accomplishments. He would let me nkow wxactly where I stoood... show me where I would be heading if I continued down the wrong path, and then ... and then ... he would show me ... with open arms, the outcome of beauty if I used my potential.

Left with this great misfortunate, it is our duty to take up the responsibility of changing this tragedy into a catalyst for a special enlightenment, of not only the world around us ... but also a special reflective period on ourselves, and the potential that he had so much faith in.

Maxime had powerful eyes. What I mean by "powerful eyes" is that he saw himself and everyone around him with such a beautiful future. He was convinced that he'd be the millionaire with three houses, living the life that only Maxime can live. But he never forgot about the nourishment of his family. He always spoke to everyone about how special his family was ... and veryone knew that our family shared good and bad times with him. The good times were always cherished and the bad times were always learned from ... then cherished. And no one knew that more than he did. He knew that with every situation, no matter what the outcome, he rose out of the conclusion as a stronger man. And so did his family. As a family, we stayed close together and stuck together through thick and thin. This situation shouldn't be any different.

He never forgot about the nourishment of his family and friends. He would always fantasize about surprising them with the luxuries of beautiful houses and expensive cars. Maxime had powerful eyes. Within those powerful eyes, lied his faith in his future. And within his faith in his future, he saw each and every last one of us and the desire for everyone's happiness. In his memory, we owe to help live up to his expectation of a happy, beautiful, fruitful life. We owe it to his memory to inherit his powerful eyes. And become part of the future that he knew we were made to conquer.

With all the love from your family:
Words will never express how much you will be missed
Tears will never speak the language of how much pain we will always feel
Maxime, we carry the beautiful colors that no one but you can create

We will ive out every dream that you've left for us to inherit

And lok through the pupils of your powerful eyes...

We lovey you

Until we meet again ...

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